Previous Winners

Year Winners Runners-up
1949 Itchenor S.C. Oxford and Cambridge S.C.
1950 Itchenor S.C. Oxford and Cambridge S.C.
1951 Oxford and Cambridge S.S. National Y.C.
1952 Oxford and Cambridge S.S. University of London S.C.
1953 Cambridge University C.C. University of London S.C.
1954 Oxford and Cambridge S.S. Oxford University   Y.C.
1955 Oxford and Cambridge S.S. Royal St. George Y.C.
1956 Royal St. George Y.C. Midland S.C.
1957 West Kirby S.C. Oxford and Cambridge S.S.
1958 Minima Y.C. Itchenor S.C.
1959 West Kirby   SC United Hospitals S.C.
1960 Royal Corinthian  Y.C. Royal Corinthain  Y.C.
1961 West Kirby  S.C Oxford & Cambridge S.S
1962 University of London S.C. United Hospitals S.C.
1963 United Hospitals S.C. Royal Corinthian Y.C.
1964 Oxford & Cambridge S.S. London Hospitals S.C.
1965 West Kirby S.C. London Hospitals S.C.
1966 Royal Navy S.A. London Pirates
1967 Hollingworth Lake S.C. Castaways
1968 Hollingworth Lake S.C. West Kirby S.C.
1969 West Kirby S.C. Hollingworth Lake S.C.
1970 Burwain S.C. London University S.C.
1971 University of London S.C. West Kirby S.C.
1972 Royal St.George Elton S.C.
1973 West Kirby S.C. Royal St.George
1974 Royal St. George West Kirby S.C.
1975 West Kirby S.C. Royal St. George
1976 Nottingham University Royal St. George
1977 Hollingworth Lake S.C. London University S.C.
1978 Hollingworth Lake S.C. Nottingham University
1979 Nottingham Outlaws Hilbre Highlanders
1980 West Kirby S.C. Nottingham Outlaws
1981 Castaways Nottingham Outlaws
1982 Castaways Grantchester Flash
1983 West Kirby S.C. Castaways
1984 Castaways Nottingham  Outlaws
1985 West Kirby S.C. Nottingham Outlaws
1986 Not sailed because lake wall collapsed
1987 Grantchester Flash Nottingham Outlaws
1988 Nottingham Outlaws West Kirby S.C.
1989 Grantchester Flash West Kirby S.C.
1990 West Kirby S.C. Castaways
1991 West Kirby S.C. Nottingham Outlaws
1992 West Kirby S.C. Nottingham Outlaws
1993 Nottingham Outlaws West Kirby S.C.
1994 Spinnaker Club West Kirby  S.C.
1995 British Universities S.A. Wessex Exiles
1996 Spinnaker Club West Kirby S.C.
1997 Pablo Picasso (USA) West Kirby S.C.
1998 Spinnaker Club Whishbone (USA)
1999 New York Yacht Club (USA) Wessex Exiles
2000 Spinnaker Club West Kirby S.C.
2001 West Kirby S.C. Royal Yachting Association 1
2002 New Forest Pirates West  Kirby S.C.
2003 New Forest Pirates Whishbone (USA)
2004 Spinnaker New  Forest Pirates
2005 Spinnaker Silver Panda(USA)
2006 Whishbone(USA) Silver Panda(USA)
2007 Silver Panda USA) Whishbone (USA)
2008 Silver Panda(USA) Larchmont(USA)
2009 West Kirby Hawks Larchmont (USA)
2010 Team Extreme (USA) West Kirby Hawks
2011 Team Extreme (USA) West Kirby Hawks
2012 West Kirby Hawks New Forest Pirates
2013 Wessex Exempt Grafham Gorillas
2014 Royal Forth Hoosiers Paddington Bears
2015 West Kirby Hawks Wessex Exempt
2016 West Kirby Hawks Days of Thunder USA
2017 Birdham Bandits (Itchenor Sailing Club) Royal Thames Blue