Wilson Trophy @ WKSC

Est. 1949

70th Wilson Trophy

The 70th Wilson Trophy dates are 10th to 12th May 2019.

There will be three full days of racing and some extra party time to celebrate another landmark, and we are all looking forward to a fantastic festival  of team racing.

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Day 2 of the 69th Wilson Trophy

Incredible sunshine, perfect breeze, spectacular sailing!

Finals day of the 69th Wilson Trophy

The top teams battle for the ultimate team racing prize!

Wilson Trophy


1949 -2018
We look back through the history of this unique sailing event. The Wilson Trophy at West Kirby Sailing club first ran in 1949, to this day the event remains the world’s greatest team racing trophy.

2018 Wilson Results

4th - 6th May 2018
Click here to find out more about the Wilson Trophy 2o18, including the final standings and previous winners of the Wilson Trophy
WKSC Hawks - Wilson Trophy


Event photos & videos
Watch #wilsontv to find out more about what happens both on and off the water during the Wilson Trophy @ West Kirby Sailing Club.

Small trophy, big dreams, astonishing weekending since 1949.

Wilson Trophy Format

 The competitors know what the Wilson Trophy is, but as an international event that is free to watch by everyone, here is a quick overview of how it works:
  • 32 teams
  • 6 sailors in each team
  • Each team has 3 identical boats, that race another team in 3 boats (blue vs pink, black vs white etc)
  • Scoring is 1st = 1 pt, 2nd = 2 pts, 3rd = 3 pts etc. To win a team needs 10 or less points in any combination ie, 1st, 2nd & 3rd or 1st, 3rd, 4th are winning combinations.
  • Teams work together using the rules to their advantage, using a combination of boat speed, knowledge of the rules and skilful manoeuvring to get the best positions on the track.
  • Umpires follow the sailors providing instant rulings on any infringements. If a boat is judged to have fouled they must complete a penalty turn before continuing the race.
  • We use a swiss league format  with the top 8 teams advancing to knockout rounds until a winner is decided on Sunday afternoon right in front of the grandstand!
Wilson Trophy

Right Hand ‘S’ Shape course

Each race lasts roughly 6 minutes, races are started every 3 minutes ensuring nearly 300 races are completed during the event.

The Wilson Trophy @ West Kirby Sailing Club

Wilson Masterclass

Event Sponsors

We are delighted to welcome Blueoak Estates Ltd as our sponsor for the 2018 Wilson Trophy.

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About the Wilson

Preview to the 69th Wilson Trophy written by 4 time winner Andy Cornah, West Kirby Hawks.

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Wilson Winners

Look back at previous winners of the Wilson Trophy since the first event in 1949.

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Competitor Zone

Everything our competitors need to know about the Wilson Trophy. Click here for notice of race.

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Wilson Weather

Keep up to date with the weather forecasts for the event.

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Spectators Welcome

Come and watch the most spectacular team racing in the world, with coloured boats and sailing just metres from the shore, this is fun for all the family!

Wilson Trophy Official Sponsors

Our greatest thanks to all the WKSC members who have kindly given their help and support, and to the following businesses who have provided sponsorship in a variety of ways.