Welcome to the Blueoak Wilson Trophy


This year we have a new sponsor in the shape of Blueoak Estates. Blueoak are a Chester based organization and have a number of local builds in various phases of completion.

The most impressive will be their Sail project at the north end of the promenade. Blueoak Sail Project

Blueoak Estates aim to create homes that are individual and personal to the buyer. Collectively, the Blueoak founders have worked in the construction industry for many years including working for some of the UK’s leading house builders. This experience inspired the business Directors to start developing homes that aren’t off-the-peg, or even run-of-the-mill.

The Wilson Event Team and West Kirby Sailing Club are looking forward to working with Blueoak for this Wilson Trophy and other events in the future.

For more about BLUEOAK ESTATES visit their website here: Blueoak Estates

GJW another of our principal sponsors will again be presenting their annual achievement award. This goes to someone who has, over many, years supported the Wilson and Team Racing. Previous winners include Richard Cornah, our course manager, and Bob McPherson who masterminded the Swiss League.

Richard pictured with David Taylor (CHUMP) and Bob McPherson (centre) with ex-Commodore Phil Shepherd and Mike Silvester (GJW)